Saturday, February 1, 2014

Brand Smart excerpt - "Home of the Braves – Understanding Your Target Audience"

....On November 11th, John Schuerholz the General Manager of the club announced that “We are extremely excited that our address will still be Atlanta and so will the name across our jersey.” Despite this assurance that the team was not abandoning their allegiance to the name “Atlanta”, residents of the city proper – Atlanta, they regarded the team’s announced move as an alienation of affections. The team’s diverse fan-base of Black and White, affluent and working class and urban and suburban devotees had supported the team through more years of thin than thick. Now it seems that the only loyalty the team is being responsive to is the opportunity to move to "greener pastures".

Schuerholz would go on to say in his video statement that "We wanted to find a location that is great for our fans, makes getting to and from the stadium much easier, and provides a first-rate game day experience in and around the stadium." These words left many people who felt that they were Braves fans scratching their heads. Well the fact of the matter is that what Mr. Schuerholz really meant was Target Audience – not fans. Yet in the GM’s short statement, he captured all of the elements that should go into the hard realities of understanding your Target Audience....

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